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Galactic Garbage – Boardgame by Umur Akdağlı & Berkan Baltaş (Master BUG students)

Galactic Garbage is a skirmish miniature board game. Players play as inmates stranded on a garbage planet while they were transported to Prison, their spacecraft had a malfunction and crash landed nearest planet: Planet Zero. Players can win by repairing the “Prisoner Transport Ship” which can be done with...


THE HUNT – Trophy collection dice game by Murat Celebi

In this game, players are hunters who participate in a memorial hunt, where they gather trophies to earn Honor points. Specific combinations of trophies will earn more Honor points. The Hunt last 3 days and 3 nights during which hunters track the beasts, then defeat or trap them by...


BARBAROS – Ressource management boardgame by Murat Celebi

This game takes place in the 16th century Mediterranean sea. Players incarnate captains of their own ship under command of the legendary “Barbarossa”. The game is divided in 4 historical periods that correspond to the 4 major parts of Hayrettin Barbarossa’s life : he started as a simple potter...


UNITE ! – Social cohesion oriented educational card game by Murat Celebi

Developed for use within the turkish-syrian social cohesion program of UNICEF, as an educational game, “UNITE !” is a cooperative card game for 2 groups of 2 to 4 players aged 12 to 17. Focused on the inter-cultural common points and differences, players help each other solve their problems...


EUROLEAGUE FINAL 4 – Basketball simulation Collectible Card Game by Murat Celebi

This game projects aims to simulate a basketball match, including the 4 periods of 10 minutes, the average final score (75 pts per team), the fast paced attack/defense rythm, spectacular actions and turnovers. It allows player to choose their major 5 and the bench and choose their attack/defense tactics,...