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Course Descriptions

GAD5101 – Games and Culture                                                               

Orbiting the game and play, this course aims to create literacy about game history, game types, game forms and such topics concerning games. Formation of game culture and socio-economic expansions will be examined through exemplary games.


GAD5102 – Interactive Narrative                                                            

This course will be including analysis on interactive narrative theory and practice, focusing through interactive narrative design for digital and analog mediums, hypertexts, multiple sequences and interactive fictions on building prototype systems.


GAD5201 – Fundamentals of Game Design                                             

This studio course aims to teach the fundamentals of game design, including character design and storytelling, will also focus on the topics of game mechanics and dynamics. Prototypes will be developed through the analysis of various desktop and digital games.


GAD5202 – Game Design Studio                                                             

This studio course will be focusing on the stages of game design process from the idea to the prototyping, while aiming to solve design polemics and problems through these stages. Methods such as moodboard and wireframe production will be accompanied with game design documents enabling internal and external team communication and fast prototypes.


GAD5203 – User Interface Design                                                            

This course including human-computer interaction through graphic user interfaces of various game types and platforms; will be focusing on human-like features, interface design principles and such topics as evaluation methods.


GAD5204 – Playful Experience Design                                                   

This course will be focusing on integrating gaming into non-game applications by presenting playful experiences to the users and therefore altering the existing behavior, while suggesting hybrid interactive solutions through including digital and analogue tools.


GAD5205 – Advanced Game Design                                                       

This project course will be given with consultancy of professionals from the industry. Students working in teams will focus on end products and testing stage, improvements and analysis of game design process for feedbacks.


GAD5206 – Designing Artificial Intelligence for Games                         

This course as an introduction to artificial intelligence in games.Students are expected to make theoretical and practical expansions on design methods and patterns through analysis of artificial intelligences from simple to complex games.


GAD5206 – Principles of Interaction Design                                           

This course will be focusing on the fundamental rules and approaches to design of interactive systems. In addition, course will include the development of innovative design solutions with user based methods and the evaluation of these solutions depending on the needs created by the lack of existing principles.


GAD5207 – Designing Games for Mobile and Social Platforms           

This course will be focusing on the game design and applications for social platforms. Criteria of design for mobile and social platforms will be analyzed in the perspective of technology and the users while the differences about the production process will be discussed.


GAD5208 – Fundamentals of Visual Design                                           

This course will be focusing on the principles and elements of visual design, with interdisciplinary analysis and readings, studying the fundamentals of visual design and the cultural reflections created by it.


GAD5301 Game Art and Aesthetics                                                     

This studio course includes the history of concepts and theories of visual arts and design, while examining how the games are affected by these concepts and theories and turned them into an expression through references, characteristics and methods.


GAD5302 – Game Graphics and Animation                                           

This studio course is an introduction to two dimensional graphics and animation for games by analyzing different styles of graphic expressions and materials while bringing traditional and digital animation methods together.


GAD5303 – 3D Modelling                                                                         

This laboratory course is an introduction to three dimensional modeling for games, and it will be focusing on character and environment design practices following the  fundamental principles of modeling.


GAD5304 – 3D Animation                                                                         

This laboratory course as an introduction to three dimensional animations for games, will be focusing on topics such as rigging, compositing and their application in practice following the fundamental principles of animation.


GAD5305 – Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation                            

This course will be focusing on advanced three dimensional modeling and animation, while conducting various practices on image processing and motion capture technologies.


GAD5306 – Game Audio Design                                                              

This course approaches interactive sound design principles via applied practices. Project on the topics of experimental sound design, musical composition and interactive instrument design, will be developed within the game design perspective.


GAD5307 – Game Audio Production                                                      

This course will be examining mixing, mastering, editing and recording stages of sound production. The sounds stages from the acoustic source to presentation in the digital medium will be inspected through applied examples.


GAD5103 – Video Game Theory                                                             

The course as an introduction to game studies, aims to build a theoretical infrastructure about the perception and status of the contemporary games by interdisciplinary readings. Readings supported by game analysis will conclude how theory meets the practice.


GAD5104 – Game Studies                                                                         

Game studies will be dicussing through ludology and narratology, focusing on developing up to date synthesis on the concepts within the area, through theoretical readings.


GAD5105 – Serious Games                                                                       

Serious Games is a course focusing on the use of games in education and various other areas, also including topics such as news games, health games, social awareness games and their development processes.


GAD5106 – Games and Education                                                          

This course will be focusing on the e learning through games, including the principles of game based learning, developing through exemplary studies and analysis. Prototypes will be built through the present problems of education and learning.


GAD5107 – Player Research                                                                    

This course handles gamers in social, cultural and economic perspectives, gamer profiles and expectations, gamer communities, games pedagogic and entertainment clashes through readings and analysis.


GAD5108 – Writing for Games                                                                

This course will be focusing on the writing of a game scenario, while compares cinema and literature and through various scenario exercises, it is aimed to identify the differences between game genres.


GAD5109 – Games and Contemporary Art                                            

This course will be focusing on how contemporary art includes game and gamer culture and the uses of game technologies in contemporary art, through various readings and analysis on different intersections of game and contemporary art.


GAD5110 – Communication, Society and Games                                   

This course will be focusing on the effects of approaches on the game theory through the developing communication technologies and various historical, socio-cultural and economic processes.


GAD5111 – Space and Time in Visual Design                                        

This course focuses on the approaches of time and space on visual products, visual design analysis and theoretical readings.


GAD5501 – Game Production                                                                  

This course is an introduction to game production, examining the production process of a game from the concept stage to the end product by analyzing and simulating the related work flow of marketing and distribution channelsin various sectoral cases.


GAD5502 – Project Management                                                             

This course will be focusing on the production process of a game, by examining project management theories such as agile and scrumm, and be practicing on multi cultural team projects to carry them to the global market.


GAD5401 – Introduction to Game Programming                                  

This course will be focusing on the fundamental principles of game programming while examining through examples and exercises on the game algorithms, therefore aiming to provide the communication connection between designers and programmers.


GAD5402 – Game Development with Contemporary Game Engines  

This course dwells on the methods of developing new game and game like applications by using current game engines. The course requires fundamental programming experience while using the “Unity” platform.


GAD5403 – New Interfaces and Technologies for Gaming                   

This course focuses on innovations such as augmented realityand brain-computer interface applications, how they are developed and designing prototypes.


GAD5601 – Seminar                                                                                  

The seminer course targets presenting new research results in the domain of Game Design.


GAD5602 – Master Thesis Research                                                      

This course is dedicated to literature survey and research study of the student for preparation of the master thesis topic. The student gets support from the academic advisor to study the literature that is relevant to his/her topic of research.


GAD5603 – Master Thesis                                                                       

This course is dedicated to a thesis/research work of the student to be conducted by an academic advisor in the domain of Game Design.