Master BUG

Game Design Graduate Program (Master BUG)

According to Newzoo statistics, global video games market is expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues with 2.2 billion gamers across the world in 2017. The Turkish video gaming market has been growing day by day and Turkey also has more than 29 million active gamers. ‘The Digital Game Design Graduate Program’, also known as Master BUG, is a forerunner in our country and Istanbul in particular with an approach that joins various disciplines like art, technology and economy under the roof of design to provide students with training and practical knowledge in the field of game design for video games.

Students will take interdisciplinary foundation classes like game design, game production, interactive narrative, user interface design and playful experience design but will also find the opportunity to take classes in new technologies like VR and AR. Students will also understand the logic of the scientific method, game research methods, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of data to write a thesis with an academic advisor in the domain of Game Design. Local and international internships practiced through the COOP system within the scope of our university, which brings students together with the business world during their student lives, and the BUG sectoral communications network, enhances students’ experiences and updates their knowledgebase.

Besides the Bahçeşehir University Game Lab BUG established as part of the Faculty of Communication and the Game Design Undergraduate Program BUG Jr, the European game scene activation center BUG Berlin, the game production studio BUG Pro, and the new incubation center BUG Kitchen foundations directly contribute to the program. This program, which creates significant difference by working in integration with the virtual reality incubation center VR First BAU, also has collaborations with the leading and independent game companies like Crytek, Taleworlds, Peak Games, Cultic Games, Root Games, Sobee, Riot Games, Netmarble, Infosfer, Gram Games and Wooga which provide job opportunities for the students and provide modular support for the courses. The program also has partnerships with game engine companies like Unity, CryEngine and Unreal.

While students can benefit from the continuously increasing international connections as well as the local and foreign wide sectoral communications network of the department, they also get the chance to meet with investors by applying to acceleration programs like Game Garage – a StartersHub initiative, again supported by us. This program which offers all the game production stages both in theory and practice to everyone who dreams of becoming a game designer, provides its students with the opportunity to accomplish their goals in a global sector.

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